Owner & Founder

Alexis Trembone

The Bedford Life began when Alexis Trembone had a desire to develop a product line that exemplified her love of fashion, family and tradition. She was greatly influenced by her childhood memories of spending time helping her mother, Gesi who worked as fashion coordinator at a high end boutique and making family dinners with her dad, Bob. These experiences were at the core of her becoming a future foodie and fashionista. The crown piece of The Bedford Life’s collection are the funky and unique aprons. With modern fabric and styles used to make classic kitchen garb, Alexis has captured the old and the new. Her ability to combine non-traditional elements guarantees design choices that are truly unique. Alexis has been designing since 2003 and her creations have been featured in New York Cool, The Journal News and Orange Magazine. Currently, 5 New York Times Best Selling cookbook authors own an apron by The Bedford Life.

At The Bedford Life, we understand the importance of a home cooked meal, but also realize many families cannot afford this basic necessity. That’s why 5% of the proceeds from apron purchases on TheBedfordLife.com are donated to a National Non-Profit organization working to end hunger in America.
Everyone deserves time together at the dinner table.